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Welding is the process of using a heat source to literally melt two pieces of metal together. Filler is added to the molten section while it’s still hot, which allows it become a very strong kind of joint once it cools.


The applications of welding are nearly limitless. It plays a vital function in metal fabrication as seen in cars, piping, and dozens of other areas. However, it’s also a very demanding process, one that requires a professional hand.


First of all, the welder needs specialized equipment. The most obvious is the welding power supply, which creates the intense flame that is able to work the metal. The power supply can come in several variants: gas, electric, and even ultrasonic.


Complicating matters is the fact that welding can be a rather dangerous job. This is the reason that in order to be employed at a machinery shop, welders must go through so much training in order to qualify. When working, the operator will wear a heavy face mask and visor. This not only protects him or her from the heat, it also reduces the blinding glare of the flame.


It’s for this reason that you’ll want to hire a welding professional or iron worker. Attempting to do the job yourself is not advised unless you are properly trained.

Automated welding is common in manufacturing, but skilled professionals are still needed in many other fields, such as repairing heavy equipment or in plasma cutting. If you are in need of metal fabrication, welding, wrought iron gates, aluminum welding, or ornamental iron work, contact Almaden Welding & Ornamental Wrought Iron in San Jose, CA.




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